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The Protein Blendie is my favourite and super easy to prepare after an exhausting workout. I simply add a banana and some milk - done!

Nick, Sport Enthusiast

I love Hummingbird Blendies. They turn my normal smoothie into a supercharged breakfast!

Isabelle, Student

A great way to start my day - all the nutrients I need, packed in one smoothie. By adding a different piece of fruit I can mix it up (whenever I want) and it always tastes delicious!

Rachelle, Graphic Designer

For me the Energy Blendie is a healthy and convenient alternative to my morning coffee. It helps me to focus and get through long days.

Toon, Co-founder foodora

The best thing to have in the morning or after an exhausting Yoga class - full of goodness and easy to make even with little time.

Michelle, Psychologist


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